Tuesday, November 8, 2011

seven eleven

hello & salam people :)

yesterday , seven eleven , was my older sister 23rd birthday ! happy birthday izzaty arina binti mohd. shabarudin :D may you always be bless by Allah and gain everything you wish to have . hehe . i love you so much ! i mean , WE LOVE YOU .

happy getting older . & i really hope , along will matured someday . because you are way childish than i am . hahaha . stay smart and beautiful , cause you have been a really good role model for me all this years

for her 23rd birthday , daddy brought us , one family dinner at hyatt regency hotel at teluk chempedak . a very soothing place to relax and enjoy precious moments . thank you daddy & mommy for spending some money for us ! hahaha .

finally ;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest sister , IZZATY ARINA :)

birthday girl :)

lydia :)

yours truly :)

lydia :D


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brownies cheesecake

chocolate brownies

carrot cake

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