Saturday, November 5, 2011

sell out VI

hello & salam people .

i know , this is quite late since i already baked all my raya haji order 2 days ago . as you can see from my last entry , i am really frustrated . yes , due to baking . i went to barang kita , a shop where you can find various products for baking . then , i thought , the self-raising flour in barang kita would be great compared to blue keys . lagi pun malas nk stop banyak places . fyi , i'm not buying it to cut the budget since the price is much more expensive . after baking few cupcakes to be tasted first (mommy cakap kena lah jaga quality) , i really thought it was great tau . seriously . but then , after i made 3 doughs and baked all of them , i rasa balik . it tastes terribly wrong :( i feels like crying . never had this trouble before . why this happen on my big day :( i cannot forgive myself for using that flour . NOT FLUFFY AND TASTE SO WRONG . i am very upset and feels like this maybe going to be my last sell out . but if i still got any order going on , i will not change any of my original ingredients . SUMPAH .

from that i learnt , not everything in life will turn out what it supposed to be . through experience , from good things to bad things , we will start to improve . for all my customers , i am deeply sorry . even so , i still manage to sell them out . thank you for buying my cupcakes . sumpah terharu :')