Thursday, November 10, 2011

new york cheesecake

hello & salam people :)

please ignore my last entry , i was upset with my little siblings . funny kan ? dh besar-besar pun nk gaduh dgn adik2 & nk luah kan perasaan . hahaha . & by the way , i got an invitation to go on a date with my best friend , atul next sunday . wee hoo :D

so today , i baked a new york cheesecake ! but since i'm using biskut marie , malaysia cheesecake also can lah . hehe . it was super easy to make and taste so delicious :D

here are the recipes :

for crust :

biskut marie

for the topping :

cream cheese
vanilla extract

so , let's baking !

 the ingredients needed :)

 crush a row of marie biscuits 

 i don't have food processor . so , i'm using lesung batu and put it into a clean plastic bag . hehe .

 crushed biscuits :)

 pour in an appropriate amount of melted butter into the crushed biscuits . i melted the butter using microwave , senang !

 i don't have a fancy pan where you take out cake easily . so , as usual , i use parchment paper :)

 spread the crust onto the bottom part of the pan 

 now we can proceed to make the topping . just mix all the ingredients together except for eggs . you have to put in one by one . i'm using 2 eggs :)

 after whisk all the toppings together , you will get a very creamy and thick mixture . 

 pour it into the pan :)

 spread it nicely and put it into the oven under 170 degree for 30-40 mins .

 this is how it looks after being cook for 39 mins . hahaha .

 take it out after being left to cool :)

ready to be served !