Thursday, November 24, 2011


finally , amir & amirul dah selamat berkhatan . this was the first time event happened in my family :D great experience i must say . tak sangka ktorg ada adik lelaki dah , after the first , second and third semua perempuan .

days before dieorg berkhatan , dieorg dah cuak dah . i can see through their faces . siap tanya lagi i how does it feels like ! i pun cakap lah , macam kena gigit semut je . as if i know the feeling lah . hahaha . so yesterday , the big day arrived . they aboard happily with my dad . i tak pg , segan . hahaha , takde kaitan padahal .

when they returned home , SENYAP gila . amirul dah pucat muka , but amir still managed to smile . my parents said , they don't even cried or run away :D good news ! hahaha . proud of the little boys , really ! when i see the look in abah's face , i know , he's really happy to take care of the two boys . i guess , that's why my dad really wants boys in the house . hehehe .

p/s : bad news : since they cannot move alot , they will call us to do every single things for them -.-'