Saturday, November 19, 2011

free talk

hello and salam people .

today , as i'm sitting leisurely inside my room , I start to wonder about things in the past , in between and in the future . yes , we may decide the future ourselves , as we already decided on our past . but who knew , there are so many dark secrets lies before that we regret and repent not to repeat the same mistake . without realize the fact that , we already had the down side in the past . i really want to shape my life in a way that me , myself will never regret living life .

who knew i would become an engineer ? i don't see my way there as well . but Allah does . He leads me to something that i never knew i will excel at and turn around the table about what i want to become when i was a child . He knows me well . as i'm growing towards the twentieth-age , i discover that i may plan everything that i want to happen , but in the end , He's the one whose going to decide what to happen .

And i do believe in Allah . even at times , when the devils come whispering and blurring my faith , i still manage to stay under His protection . i am not perfect , i make mistakes , i'm just a human . who is still praying to get something and thanks for getting things .

in the end , all i can say is , we will never have today and tomorrow , without mistakes that we learnt in the past .

you may look back at your past 

 live for today

& look forward into the future