Monday, November 7, 2011

chocolate pops

hello & salam people :)

for this two days of raya haji , i've been cooking chocolate pops twice . and they all finished at once . semua marah i buat in a small scale , hahaha . but this recipe , is worth to be addicted . i'm sharing this recipe with you guys here .

these are the ingredient needed :

condensed milk
chocolate bar
kellogg's pops

this is my very own recipe . but if you google pun ada je recipe macam ni , but i prefer to do it randomly . it is very simple to make . you don't really need exact measurement for this ( i think . hahaha )


first , you need to cook condensed milk under small temperature .

then , melt the butter . if you like it to taste sweet , no need to put so much butter . i put about 2-3 spoons of butter . just to make the mixture glossy .

melt the chocolate . i used about half bar .

mix them all together :) it is best to be cook on non-stick pan .

pour in kellogg's pop into the chocolate mixture ! just enough for all the pops to be coated .

spread onto parchment paper & cool it for a while .

chocolate pops ready to be eat :)

easy & tasty !

p/s : from now on , i'm back onto the right track ! trying out new recipes and do not stick with the idea of selling it . seeing my family eat and enjoy every bites , makes my heart go boom boom boom :D