Sunday, November 6, 2011


assalamualaikum :)

salam aidiladha from me & my family . may we always be bless by Allah . Amin . how was your aidiladha ? mine was beyond great ! we usually celebrate aidiladha in kampung and the last time my aidiladha was in UTP , but this year we celebrated aidiladha at our home :) we cooked lotsa good foods the day before and chit-chatting while cooking is priceless . seriously .

the morning of aidiladha , we all woke up quite late except my dad and my twin brothers . of course lah , because dieorg tak masak :p kaki i sampai cramp sb asyk berdiri je . hehe . but we still managed to go perform solat sunat raya and watched Qurban . this year , our whole family took part in Qurban . this is my very first time watching Qurban is conducted . i was very amazed !

after that , we went back home and continue to cook some more and make lotsa dessert . my siblings specialties :D hahaha . because we were expecting mak ngah belah my mom to come :) after that , ktorg pg beraya pulak kat rumah aunty midah , kawan my mom .

i slept last night at 8.55 pm , thank you :)

this is my family Qurban for this year . i know ! too black kn ? tapi orang surau yang deal with this , so okay je lah :)

mommy & yui :D

me & arina . along is too indulged with the idea of having black cow :D hahaha .


the whole family except me :)

firstly , we need to put ropes upon both legs .

then , tarik kaki dia . this is the process nak tumbangkan lembu okay ?

dah tumbang !
& disembelihkan . i witness his last seconds of life . you deserve heaven :)

kawan amir & yui pun datang beraya . segan plak tu . hahaha .

nasi impit

carrot cupcakes :)

rendang daging rusa :)

sambal goreng . this is makanan jawa ! wajib ada

ayam ungkep . jawa jugak :D


along's caramel pudding :) sedap gilos .

agar-agar yaya :)

my chocolate pops . tak sempat hidang , dah habis .

yaya :)
yours truly :D