Thursday, October 13, 2011

pavlova try out

hello & salam people :)

another good day for me . finally , i managed to bake pavlova . pavlova is a type of meringue . it has crispy taste on the out side and marshmallow like in the center . actually , i don't really like to eat marshmallow , but this cake , i've been longing to bake . hahaha , weird kan ?

so here are the recipes :

Bahan-bahan :

4 biji putih telur
1 cawan gula kastor ( saya guna 3/4 cawan untuk mengurangkan manis)
1/2 sudu teh esen vanilla
1 sudu teh cuka masakan
1/2 sudu besar tepung jagung

Topping/hiasan :

1 cawan (240 ml ) whipping cream
1 1/2 sudu besar gula halus - saya pakai gula icing.
1/2 sudu teh esen vanilla

p/s : i didn't use cuka masakan and i only baked half of the real amount . nama pun try out kan :) hehe .

these are the ingredients needed to make pavlova .

first , beat white eggs with sugar , vanilla essence and corn flour . make sure the mixture is really thick .

to confirm that the mixture is thick , when you turn it upside down , the mixture won't fall off , like mine . wahaha :p

then spread it on parchment paper .

bake it at 150 degree for 1 hour or more .

these are the ingredients for the toppings . as you can see later on , my pavlova is w/o toppings . because i over wimp the cream ;'(

for decoration , i use fresh strawberries .

sliced strawberries ;D

this is how the meringue will look like when you take out from the microwave . very interesting ! the crispy pieces on the outer side , is really-really-really sweet :O

the result of my sweat and tears :')

i really enjoy baking pavlova . but to eat it , not so . taste really like marshmallow . i hope yaya , amir and yui will eat it . hahaha . luckily , i bake it on a small scale . weeeee ;D

instead of eating pavlova , i end up eating red velvet cupcakes again . LOL . only 4 cups left !