Saturday, October 22, 2011

oreo truffles

hello & salam people :)

happy saturday ! like any saturdays , i duduk rumah je . abah ajak pg kenduri taknak ikut , ibu ajak pg pasar cari keladi taknak jugak . i've become a very homey person . glad ? not really . but i prefer staying at home instead of getting done , dress up bagai . hik hik .

so today , i buat oreo truffles :D sounds delicious kan ? hehe .

here is the recipe :

1 pack of oreo
cocoa powder and milo
cream cheese

p/s : if nak lagi awesome , use milk chocolate bar and full cream . this is for the coating part .

the ingredients needed

crush oreo-s and mix with cream cheese then keep the mixture to refrigerate for awhile

then mould em' to small ball size

sieve cocoa powder and milo

cover the small balls of oreo-s with cocoa powder and milo

oreo truffles ;)

frankly , it is a bit pahit . tapi ktorg makan je , hahaha . for better result , use chocolate milk to coat oreo truffles .

hedgehog slice dah licin
i want more