Monday, October 31, 2011

Macaroon's temptation

Happy Monday !

today , i baked macaroons . my dearest friend , hamidah , suggested me to do it . then i tengok , semua ingredients ada , why not lah kan ? But please , don't expect too much , because tak jadi sangat . but through out this try out , i learnt my lesson . Insya Allah , next time ( if there's next time ) , i'll try to improve :)

these are the recipe :

110gm gula aising
65gm serbuk badam (ground almond)
13gm serbuk koko
60gm putih telur - dalam 2 biji
20gm gula kastor
secubit cream of tartar

(for 30 pieces)

p/s : i didn't use tartar cream :)

the ingredients needed :)

first , you have to whisk white egg until it is VERY THICK .

Mix cocoa powder , castor and icing sugar , and grounded almonds .

this is how it looks after they have been mixed together .

since i don't have piping bag , I'm using a clean plastic and cut at the end of one side of the tip .

spread them on the parchment paper . see my defect ? the mixture is not thick enough .

this is my first macaroon :)