Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JB jom ?

hello & salam people :)

last sunday , my family went for vacation in Johor Bahru since along is very busy with her thesis and events , & the siblings got about 1 week off . daddy was the one planning this small getaway . i really needed this instead of staying at home for the weekends and doing nothing except thinking of new recipes to bake . hahaha .

for me , JB is a well developed state . the infrastructures , the buildings , the malls , the harbours , the beaches , amazing ! seronok lah org JB , ada banyak malls . hehz . but there's also things that i don't really like there such as the hustle and bustle on road and their attitudes while driving also . plus , the motorcyclist doesn't rode on the left side of the road , but keep on staying on the middle . when you're there , you can understand more what i'm saying about here , hehe .

on the way to JB . i know VAIN . ahaks !

when we arrived there , along brought us to Malay Village restaurant

amir :D

amirul :D

me & mommy :D

lydia & amirul . this restaurant is almost like bandung's restaurant .

me & amir :D

ada beca jugak . they turned the limited place into a very beautiful garden restaurant

yaya :)

yours truly :p

my heart & soul :)


this is bamboo rice ! see the drumstick , it was really huge . gilers .

cheezy wedges !

apple with plum juice . this is mine & it is mind blowing !

sirloin steak , my dinner

yaya's nestum chicken chop .


then we go to the zon where the goods there are free from taxes !

& i bought this for myself . always been my favourite . by the way , i usually bought this for 9.90 , but at the zon , it only costs me 7.50 . quite cheap :D

after that , we went to danga bay . a very nice place where yacht were 'park' . like a mini harbour .

yours truly again :p

the family except yaya :p

mommy !

the ladies that rule the house ! hahaha .


the biggest lobster ever .

this is alaska crab which will cost you 35 per gram . gila .

the next day , we went to tebrau city & ate takoyaki as my breakfast . hehe .

yaya pun !

i like it , ahaaa ahaaa .

we took our lunch at another amazing restaurant . manhattan fish market .

yaya & amir :)

mommy :D

salads with a beautiful taste of dressing !

the best spaghetti ever .

yaya dah besar :'(

mommy & daddy at the golf course nusajaya . abah was checking this place out , and really , it was beautiful !

at puteri harbour

we also went to UTM skudai . to take along's stuff while mommy and daddy reminisce their love memories . hihihi .

we went to mcD for lunch on the last day we're there .

my super cute mommy :D

tanned along :D she went to tioman island recently . hehehe .

from yaya's polaroid

memories to be treasured :)


signing off now ,