Friday, October 21, 2011

hedgehog slice

hello & salam people :D

happy friday night , hehe . i really think hard these few days on what to bake and cook . i need to find new recipe to make . berbekal kan azam yang kuat & amazing speed of wifi , i pun google lah . hahaha . so , i found this very simple recipe to make and looks really delicious ! the chef that introduce the recipe name it hedgehog slice . dont ask me why . even i'm also wondering the same thing . but , to make it easy , you may call it chocolate slice or caramel slice :)

the recipe almost like cloud 9 . i've been munching cloud 9 since my tooth were completed . but , i need to slow on it cause it contains peanuts . tahu tahu je lah , hahaha .

here are the ingredients needed :

1 cup sweetened condensed milk
200g dark chocolate
100g plain sweet cookies
60g butter
90g unsalted peanuts (optional)
60g saltanas (optional)

p/s : i'm using one can of condensed milk , a big bar of milk chocolate , biskut marie , 2 spoonful of butter & half pack of almonds.

these are the ingredients :)

cook condensed milk with chocolate bar and butter

add some almonds

add biskut marie or digestive biscuit . if you like raisins , you can put it into the mix as well .

cook until the mix becomes thick and taste delicious !

place parchment paper inside container

pour in the mixture on top of the parchment paper .

refrigerate the mixture about 2 hours before serve

my hedgehog slice or chocolate slice or caramel slice

super delicious and sweet !

can't wait to eat more tomorrow