Saturday, October 29, 2011

cukur jambul

hello & salam peeps :D

this morning , we went to my mak ndak house , because she's having a little kenduri for her new baby girl , aisy aisar qamalin . i thought the name was weird too in the first place , but it has a very beautiful meaning in Islam . so , i don't really much bother about that :) the name is quite hard to pronounce , so we just call her aisy or potek . because masa my mak ndak pregnant aisy , she loves to say potek . hahaha . macam melatah gitu , melekat kat aisy , hehe .

it was happening . macam orang kahwin ! siap pelamin and two sets of tent . masa i kecik2 , buat kat rumah tok je KOT . but nothing like this lah for sure . i guess , this is how cukur jambul nowadays need to be . hik hik . more like baby shower , but this is after the baby has born .

princess of the day :D

she's super cute !

me & her :)

yaya and aisy

doorgift . cute apam polka dot :D

yui :D

my red velvet , brownies dh habis time ni :D after we took pictures , all the cupcakes dah habis .

the best feeling