Saturday, October 1, 2011

the cousin's wedding

hello & salam :)

oh i really miss this . i mean writing , hehe . it's so much fun to write and scrabbles and scratches words in the blog . so , here i am again .

yesterday , me & my family went to felda kemasul for my cousin's wedding . well , it's quite far and through hills and oceans , cewah , hahaha , we managed to get there . it was a simple celebration and i'm bless because we can still gather as one big family :)

lydia .

arina .

yours truly with aisy (potek)

lovely potek . starting to miss her already .

yours truly :p

amir & amirul .

note to the groom & bride : may Allah bless you guys always and selamat pengantin baru


p/s ; sorry for not updating on bandung . still waiting ieda's pictures part from bandung . hehe .