Tuesday, October 18, 2011


hello & salam peeps :D

today i'm baking brownies , the simplest recipe ever . i love brownies , especially when it serves with ice cream . HEAVEN ! so today , i want to share how to make brownies in a very easy way because i am using brownies mix .

if you are craving for one right now , make your way to mart and buy this mix . they also have double chocolate chips , but i prefer chocolate chunks :D

you can refer the recipe at the back side of the box

tips : i'm using microwave . so i put my brownies under 180 degree for 30 mins instead of using high temperature . cause it will only swell up the mixture and does not cook the inner part .

these are the ingredients :)

simply mix them together .

it will turns out to be like this . the big granules ? they're chocolate chunks :D

spread them on parchment paper / container

& put em' into the microwave !

tadaaa . delicious brownies with chocolate chunks :D

p/s : i love to use parchment paper because it is very easy to be remove .