Thursday, October 20, 2011

sell out II

hello & salam people :)

the main reason why i feel like sharing new amazing recipe with you guys because i've tasted em' and no lies , they are really tasty . when it comes to sharing , i'm no stingy if its benefit other people . i have no reason to keep good things to myself , when i can help people make good food as well . so enjoy all the recipes that you can find inside the blog :)

so today , i did bake something . last time i baked brownies , i gave quarter of the portion to yaya's friends to eat & share . macam complimentary gitu after they bought my other cupcakes . hihi . tup tup , they all nk order brownies pulak . hahahaha . dh bosan with cream cheese frosting agaknya .

you can refer the recipe from here .