Tuesday, October 4, 2011

blue & berries

hello and salam peeps :)

last saturday night , along and me had the second attempt on baking blueberry cheese tart . the first time was a success , but yes , it was so long time ago together with yaya . hahaha . by referring to the internet , these are the ingredients needed .


170gm marjerin
50gm gula aising
1 biji telur Gred C
290gm tepung gandum
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla

Cream Cheese Filling

250gm cream cheese
50gm gula kastor / gula halus
1 biji telur Saiz B
½ sudu teh esen vanilla / esen lemon

the fine flour

then , beat the flour with sugar , egg and butter of course .

these are the ready pastry before being 'uli' .

then , we mould em' . bake em' about 180 degree for 10 - 15 mins .

pastry or you may call it kuih bangkit . the pastry tastes really good but the structure not so . very brittle .

the blueberry fillings that we used . not really sweet , good for health :D

the cream cheese with egg , essence vanilla and sugar .

after i put in blueberry fillings and cream cheese . then bake again for another 10 - 15 mins .

to not waste , we make a huge pan-tart . pronounce it correctly . hahaha :p

tadaaaa ! the hot blueberry cheese tart .

thank along for teaching me this recipe , & i know , there are still rooms for me to improve