Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello and salam people :)

i think , today is the right time to tell the 'once upon a time' story to you guys . hahaha . last month , me , ibu and ida went to bandung , indonesia . as we all know , bandung is the heaven for shopping . that is so true , that everytime you come to the hotel , you cannot feel your feet . the numbness , oh , only those who experienced will know . but no worries , that will not stop you shopping when you're there , trust me .

so , on the 22nd september 2011 night , we arrived in bandung . upon the arrival , we bought indonesia simcard to communicate each other and the people in Malaysia easily . because the rate is quite cheaper compared using Malaysia's simcard or roaming . we took a cab and travel around bandung area . in just one night , we've been to many places . mommy said that she wants us to see through bandung first besides looking for hotel . after about two hours in cab , finally , we settled down in Sukamulya hotel . this is not a famous hotel but very convenient and cheap . not to be forgotten , SAFE . i would recommend this hotel , if you're in a tight budget and still need a good place to stay .

the next morning , we start off going to Pasar Baru . for me , this is a very heaven place to shop ! you can shop anything until you drop . from inner wear to outer wear to kain pasang to delicious foods , you can find it all in one place . need less to say , IT IS VERY CHEAP .

one thing i reviewed when i first came to bandung is that , the people there is really hardworking . they'll just do any job . by the street , you can see many people selling foods and clothes . the first time we hit the road , when the traffic light is red , children at a very young age , will play guitar and sing to you by the cab's window . it was really terrifying to hear that , i mean for the first time lah . the next time they came , we enjoyed the song and put up our hands , meaning to say no :)

after going to pasar baru , later that night we went to jalan dago kot . haaa , jalan tu paling banyak outlets . i cannot describe by words to say how much outlets were there . we went into each and every outlets , heaven heaven . that night we had nasi padang :)

the next day , we went to jalan riau and pasar baru again . jalan riau is pretty much the same as jalan dago . both streets have countless branded outlets . that night we went to paris van java . such a paris ! hahaha . paris van java is a very huge shopping mall . it has a very interesting building's design with islands and gardens in the center . paris van java is almost like KLCC . all the goods there have the same quality and price as in Malaysia .

if you happened to come to paris van java , please please please dine in at Azzura sip & dine restaurant . splendid pizzas and drinks . sumpah , tak tipu .

the next day , we went to rumah mode . this place is a very huge outlet ! we spent half of the day there . hahaha . gila betul . keep on going in and out the fitting room . the design of this place is very extraordinary . insanely beautiful !

the day after that , basically , we just went to jalan dago , jalan riau , pasar baru and paris van java over and over again .

recommendation for places to eat :

1) restoran sederhana - once you sit down , you need not say a word . they will come and serve you with more than 10 dishes at one time . select the dishes that you want to eat , and remove the unwanted ones . you can start to eat happily w/o waiting and enjoy the delicious foods . this is the place that i will always remember .

2) Azzura Sip & dine - for great pizzas and drinks

3) food court on the top floor of pasar baru - there are many choices . once you reach the floor by escalator , all you can see is the people who works there calling you to eat at their stalls . i mean by calling is that , they will surround you and shout out their menus right away . gila kan ? tapi , seronok . they have the best service in the world and the food itself is very tasty .

mommy & me in front of GOSSIP

ida dalam angkutan

me & mommy walking :)

the hotel where we stayed , sukamulya hotel .

the three of us :)

ida & mommy

me & mommy . i think this is at SECRET outlet .

handbags !

rumah mode

mommy is so cuteeee :D

me & ida inside fitting room :p

rumah mode :D

yours truly :p


restoran sederhana :D
heaven gila !


suasana tegang -________-

mommy with her fav drink : alpukat juice (avocado)

telur ikan . yikes !

ikan garumi

you can ask em' to cut every flesh to pieces .

kartika sari mall . delicious ice cream & brownies ever .

Azzura Sip & Dine !

me & mommy at Azzura :D

mommy :)

the best three drinks EVER .


mine and ida's .

strawberry & banana tart . the most delicious tart !

mommy at the airport . puas hati :D

i'm sleeping while waiting flight back to KL :p

well , that is my bandung experience . i did enjoy going there . thank you mommy & ida for everything