Saturday, August 20, 2011

sharing something

Hasad, Riak dan Ujub

"Semua yang di atas adalah punca kepada segala penyakit hati. Ia juga dikira sebagai syirik yang tersembunyi dimana hanya diri dia sendiri sahaja yang tahu kerana siapa ia melakukan sesuatu ibadah" .

i heard about this from a senior during tazkirah between tarawikh . i thought about it alot , i mean A LOT . sometimes , when i do something , i'm afraid whose attention that i want to get , when it was always and only meant for Allah . we may not realize this before , & i hope i did share something useful here .

HASAD : envy . if you envy at someone , then you work hard to be as successful as him/her , then this is not characterized as HASAD . but if you envy at someone , & try to ruin his/her success , that what we call HASAD . Alhamdulillah , i only practice the positive hasad ;)

RIAK : do something to get other people attention . nono asked me something yesterday , & it keeps me wondering until now . if we following trend in fashion and dress to kill , will that consider as riak ? because we might want to get other people attention on how we look and wear . honestly , takut pulak :'(

UJUB : do something , and praise ourselves . we do things for our satisfaction and bragging them inside ourselves . this is kinda hard to explain actually . for an example ; you got dean's list for every sem , then you have this kinda thought in yourselves that you're very smart . by saying that , you may not be realize that all the rezeki & nikmat was from Allah together with your efforts . i think this is the hardest part to be true , because we often have different thoughts for ourselves in mind .

p/s : remember to do things because of Allah , not to seek attention from anyone . wallahualam :)