Sunday, July 24, 2011

splendid weekends

salam and hello people :)

suddenly i realize , being a blogger is so much fun when you really dedicate to it . reasons for such statement is that , when i travelling , i tend to think alot about how would i express things the way i see it in words , so that i can share it . the other best way is to just capture the moment , of course :D

since last friday , my schedule was really pack with activities . friday morning , i board on bus to kuala lumpur to meet my two beloved friends and a baby :O who baby is it ? yah's lah . hihi . it was a perfect timing , since izni has come back to malaysia and yah on her holidays. woo hoo ! apa salah nya , turun kl for this two beauties & our baby irfan . hehe .

this is love :)

aunty eza with baby irfan :D

mak cik izni & irfan :D

yah with her son :D

baby irfan :D

later that evening , i went on shuttle to seremban . here and there problem tau , but still i managed to go to seremban safely . Thank you Izni & Yah for your concerns :)

reached seremban , haa , ni lain cerita pulak . the reason i went to seremban is to meet my another friend . nur syazwani moktar :D ingt tak i story pasal my friend yang akn fly to US ? she's the one , oh oh oh . so ktorg pg ni sebab ada kenduri laa , tolong2 sket , mkn2 byk . haha .
sampai seremban , wani , ida and pika jemput . they already there since they went there with mila . mak & fmly wani sangat mesra rakyat okay ? thank you for everything , we really had a great time !

this is popia nestum . oh sungguh lazat :D

ini manggis , ktorg yang jolok tahu :O such a wonderful experience , truly !

fluffy and sweet and lil bit sour .

me & pika . comel oh pika :D

ida & pika :D

kampung fried chicken (kfc) :D ida & pika put so much effort on cooking this , sampai terkena minyak . poor ida :(

tengah tolong naik kan saham anak-anak dara ni :D

oh gadis ayu :)

penyampaian hadiah :)

tadaaa , happy belated birthday wannie dear :D
may you always be bless and gain happiness in life . be good & take care kat US nnt .

us with wannie's mom . i look/am fat , fullstop :(

ida with pak cik nizar :D

the kenduri dishes . oh asam pedas yang awesomeee :D

after kenduri , pg rumah mila pulak :) sebab nk terus balik utp . finally , jumpa ini budak ,

irsyad :D

comel sangat & so friendly . the most important point , hyperactive oh . seronok buat main tarik rambut . hehe . ktorg sekejap je kat rumah mila , then terus balik utp :) thank you bagi tumpang rumah & kereta ye mak cik mila . jasamu dikenang . hihi .

so that's how i spent my weekend . back to busy world , byeee !