Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ranggoli ranggoli

hello & salam people :D

i've been meaning to update since forever , but my block's internet went crazy for almost a week now . sakit hati betul , heh . sekarang pun problem lg , i really hope it will turns fine this weekend . rasa nak sembelih orang itms , buat report pun tak repair2 jgk . urghh .

bersempena with the title , last weekend , me & ida joined a kolam competition . it is one of the pre-event for UCRN . kolam usually being construct daily in india but in malaysia , they only did that for festivals . we're spent alot of energy , patient and determination while working , unfortunately , we don't make it to top 3 . OF COURSE . hehe . despite , we're very proud , because we've done a very good job :D think lacking experience will soon taught us , how to be more perfect next time .

first place :D

this won for second place

ours :D