Monday, July 25, 2011

i want to write memories

only few weeks left , before this semester ended . then , nono & i will officially be apart for two years time since he'll be graduating this october . i really wish i can see him on the convocation day , but tough enough since i'll be home for the 4 months break . when you at home , there are so much things to consider , so i don't think i can make it . sorry dearest :(

thank you dear , for all the memories that we created together here in utp . i still remember the first time we met & the days that we spent . may this memories lies forever :) two years are not a barrier but a challenge for ourselves . if we can get through hard times , insya Allah , Allah knows better for our jodoh . hehe .

for all the love & care , thank you dear :)

p/s : congratulations dear , for job offer from rohm wako . am really proud of you :) may whatever decision you make , is the right choice for you . i'll always be here to support !