Monday, July 11, 2011

home sweat home

hello and salam people :D

i just got back from mid-sem holidays for 3 days . heh . but i managed to make full use of it by spending so much time with family and tv . hahaha .

before going back to kuantan on last thursday , i ordered red velvet cupcakes from farah again since my siblings craving for them after read a post of mine . hehe . i ni quite influential jugak tahu ? :p

the looks are not so pleasing since i traveled by bus to kuantan time tu .

this time , i bought 16 pieces :) nak bagi semua perut buncit . tehee . & as usual , DELICIOUS ! thank you farah .

the not so cool thing happened , as always lah . if u guys take kesatuan ekspres , rasa tak puas hati , nak lempang drivers tu memang biasa lah . kalau tak tukar bus , tak sah . & the drivers themselves are very impolite . don't be like this lah short-minded people , tak senonoh nampak orang tua perangai macam mat rempit :)

upon my arrival , after 9 hours of travelling , my sister pick me up and off we went to home :D
thank you sistah , cause your once in a blue moon willingness to pick me up . haha .

that night , i have to send the boys for kumon's tuition . so , yaya teman :D hantar je , terus off to ecm . lepak-lepak dgn yaya at black canyon .

glass noodle , thai style - DELICIOUS

my dinner :)

that shoe isn't mine . amir punya , but i would love to have it . hehe .

yaya . i ter'cut' the most interesting part in this picture which is her new shoe . super jealous , grr .

then we off to alif mamak , where my family have gathered for dinner . hahaha , i know . makan lagi . but this time just a light supper . roti naan makan suku and teh o iced suku jugak :D

my baby :D

tutorial by along . hehe :p

the next morning , i have to send my boys to badminton session pulak & pick yaya from school . meanwhile waiting for the boys to finish practiced , angkut yaya pg ecm lagi . this time , i makan kat noodle station pulak . my favourite is springy curry noodle :)

air suam to neutralize the oil . haha .

balik rumah , my mom and along was cooking for lunch . mee hoon soup :D
makan lagi , hehe . i pun turun dapur jgk of course .

super DELICIOUS . 3 kali tambah , hahaha :D

& then i found this two boys aaaa , tak boleh buat main dah sekarang , semua busy :(



later that night , i and mommy off to find my stuff :) and tiba-tiba kat megamall ada buat free medical check up . so ktorg pg lah join . & the bad news is that , i am so fat :(

knowing that fact , after shopping tu , abah and yaya tiba-tiba ajak makan supper . went to WWWF kuantan , kedai western pulak tu :(

tengok abah makan tauhu bakar jb ,
i terus order chicken chop . aaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

amek kau . bertambah lagi fatness :(

balik terus tido .

bangun pagi tu , bersantap terus .

along made this . less sweet , & simply DELICIOUS :)

tak nak kalah jugak , i pun masak . hehe .

potong cili and garlics and onions :)

goreng macam biasa je :D

but this time , i guna soo hoon . glass noodle :)

siap :D

& i sorang je yang makan ni . hahaha . mommy cakap okay lah , along cakap yaya masak lg sedap . haha . more rooms to improve myself i guess :)

then that evening dah kena balik utp . & here i am . i miss home & good foods .
Thank you family for a great weekend :D

p/s : i'm struggling to diet now . if you see me thissssssss fat , cakap je depan2 . bagi i terasa . hahaha .