Thursday, June 30, 2011

we seek for adventure

Hello and salam people :)

i am very glad to say , that this is a post about sabah . hehe . sorry that it took me more than a week to update you guys about this . hahaha . as if you care lah kan ? if care , thank youu :D so , the details are as below :

ida's flight : 6.45 am - 9.00 am
my flight : 4.00 pm - 6.30 pm

see the contradiction there ? we happened to buy two different time tickets , which we regret the most . poor ida had to wait upon my arrival :( Alhmdllh selamat jumpa .

when i arrived , we waited some time for the hotel people to come and pick us . we've deal this way before since the taxi fare is quite costful compare to the hotel service . & there was a slight misunderstanding whereby we don't know that kota kinabalu has 2 airports . i mentioned to him we will arrive at KKIA (which for people using MAS) which it was supposed to be terminal 2 (for air asia) . hahaha . perasan naik MAS kee ?

the first impression wasn't good we thought . the guy don't even talk to us , or try to be friendly . tourist kotttt , layan lah . sampai2 lagi kecewa , heh . knowing that we have to share bathroom with other guests too . this wasn't even mentioned before . & one more thing , we have to purchase towel as well . tulis kat blog towel free , heh . nak tak nak , beli je lah . we got ourselves a bunkbed . bila fikir balik , nk demand apa pulak -.- we pay rm50 for one night for 2 persons . memang macam backpackers dah . hehe .

i tido bawah , ida tido atas . hehe :)

first day

since we arrived later in the evening , that nothing much that we can do . so , sampai2 terus cari makanan :D satuuu hari tak makan . penat gila cari pasar , yelah , tak familiar kot jalan . keep on asking people , here and there . the best thing is that , dieorg sangat baik :D semua semangat je nak bg directions . later , we found the pasar !

this is not a usual pasar tahu ? ni ptt tahap restaurant mewah kat peninsular . hahaha.

lakut . sedap ni , tak tipu . crunchy :D

my favourite food kat sana . duk merengek kat ida nak chicken wings . hahaha .

squids :O

prawns :O

haaaa , yg ni lobster besar nak mampppp . tapi ktorg tak amek lah , off budget terus . hahaha .

dah habis jalan-jalan kat pasar terus balik hotel . pastu , lepak tgk tv sambil planning for tomorrow activities :D then tidoooo .

p/s : we spend duit trip sikit for 2 pairs of sunglasses . nanti tgk gmbr , confirm tahu sunglasses yg mana . hahaha .

second day

bangun-bangun terus mandi . sebab aim memang nk pg awal , boleh duk lama sikit kat pulau :D hehe . so , dh siap terus keluar for adventure gitu . haha .

budget serena & blair kejap . hahaha .

first stop : breakfast at old town white coffee :)

super delicious foods as a kick start :D

in front of sabah tourism centre :)

i love this place so much . a place of art :)

second stop : jesselton point
tadaaaa . jalan kaki pun boleh :D

tu diaaaa :D


rental snorkeling stuff = rm 10 per person ( supposedly rm 20 )
boat fees = rm15 per person ( supposedly rm17 )
jetty fee = rm 3.60 per person ( student price ) (supposedly rm 7 ) bawak matrix card siap :p

p/s : please bargain first :) don't just follow the price they wanna give :)

we even went for parasailing / paragliding ! :D
okay this one quite expensive .
usually the price is rm90 per person . but we managed to bargain for rm65 . hehe .

haaa , ni paling tinggi . sumpah takut mula2 tu , hehe .

lama-lama , tak nak turun pulak . haha :p

third stop : manukan island !

please go there and enjoy the beautiful under world created by Allah . subhanallah , cantik sgt . kalau lah boleh amek gambar , dah lama buat . tapi my camera tak water proof , heh . tp , sumpah cantik . you can even step on the big corals , nampak nemo , nampak rainbow fishes . aaaaaaaaaaa , tak reti nk explain . sebab cantik sgt :(

even better , we got 2 life guards who guiding us into the deep ocean just to see the different type of ocean's creatures . hehe . the most fantastic moment is when , we got to see a turtle ! live ! the life guard even says that they haven't seen turtle . berkat ktorg datang kot . hahaha :D

on the way balik to jetty :)

makan gelato first :D hehe

while walking back to our hotel . hehee .

fourth stop : night walk & searching for foods :D

blue fish :D tengok ekor diaaa :D
this is for only rm 12 . hehe .

me & lakut :D

then we walk2 at suria sabah :)

then balik bilik , terus tido . tak sempat planning for tomorrow . hahaha .

last day

that morning , we woke up quite late , penat snorkeling maybe . habis hitam :p
dah mandi-mandi and siap , terus keluar . the best thing about waking up that morning is that , duit scholar dh masuk . hahaha . alhmdllh sgt :D

tak main lah breakfast kat old town dah , terus pg little italy . a very nice place & famous in kota kinabalu . people willing to wait for seats sampai ke luar . that morning , we are their first customers :D hihi .

then we off to station bus and went to penampang :) nak tengok museums . hehe .

then of course , we off to eat again :D

this was at rainforest lounge . the foods were kinda okay lah . hehe :)

see the building behind . awesome kannn ? :O

while waiting for the hotel people to send us . lewat dah time tu , teruk betul service , seriously :(

dalam flight . blur sebab turbulence . hahaha .

return flight : 6.00 pm - 8.15 pm

sampai je airport senai , we were greet by kak long ida . hehe . dapat jumpa anak2 saudara ida , comel je . all girls , macam my sibling dulu-dulu before amir & yui were born . hehe .

this is the picture of us at kak long ida's house .
so , that's all the updates from kota kinabalu sabah . we really had a good time there , & it is sure a very pleasant visit . please go at least once , life is so much more than living a life :)
yours truly :)