Saturday, June 18, 2011

red velvet cupcakes

even when i'm broke , Allah still bless with good foods . Alhamdulillah :)

guys , do you remember when i was craving for red velvet cupcakes days ago ? after googling for sometimes , i finally hooked to this one blog near pengkalan . previously , she did a promotion on father's day , & which in this case , happy father's day to me . hehe . i bought one set of red velvet cupcakes , four for rm15 . it was the cheapest that i can get , sumpah cakap .

so , i booked it 2 days ago . this morning , i woke up , i got a text from her saying that my cupcakes is ready :D i went there this evening before buka puasa . she was really considerate , when i asked to meet at somewhere else instead of her home . & so we met at McDonald pengkalan :)

. the first impression .

. they look irresistible .

. the perfect red & the perfect taste .

utpian , this person is very much recommended . when you need cupcakes , please rely on her simply because she's the best around . it paid off my googling effort & my last drip of pocket money . haha . still , thank you farah :)