Thursday, June 9, 2011

kind of things , you know

hello & salam . the title is one of my lecturer disfluency . he tends to repeat it like always & we can actually count for it :D but still , he is the best story teller ever . i do enjoy going to his classes . why update ? nothing to update , really . just wanna say that life is good . hahaha . so , as you guys know , utp results have been out like 2 days ago . added to it , was a huge problem that never been occurred before in utp history . cewahhh . hahaha .

but seriously , yessss . all students cannot view their results due to server down or sort of problem with server . i dont really get it though . i was waiting very anxiously that day . frankly speaking , i really have faith for last semester results :) i can't really sleep & do anything because of it . urghhh . later that evening , nono happened to know some updates about it . we have to actually collect our exam slip at the exam unit . it was already 5 pm that time . after solat asar , we went there to collect the exam slip . there were loads of people waiting . fuhh ! right after we came in , like 5 mins later , they don't let any students come in already . legaaaa . hehe .

so , alhamdulillah . i managed to maintain the dean's list status & guess what , it is my finest pointer so far :') i hope i can still sustain the performance for this semester . but i'm kinda afraid , because , it happens to be the read-book courses for this sem . HSE , ITM & CA . the only course that i've been focusing on is really just WTA . hahaha .

good day people :)