Wednesday, June 15, 2011

for the love for foods

hello and salam people :) how are you doing ? well , i'm certainly doing fine :)

we all love foods , especially desserts . the sweetness that touch our taste bud , is so unforgettable . yes , i've been craving alot & i would like to share with you guys my eye-food for today .

the foremost is red velvet cupcakes or cakes . it is very special because it has the taste like chocolate cake , but the different is that it is obviously glamorous in red ! don't drool yet , i mean not until u see these pictures :

red velvet slice

& this is red velvet cupcakes .

i started craving for this special flavour since i watched dc cupcakes on 711 star world channel . the colour itself is so mesmerizing , dont you think so ? okay , honestly , i am swallowed my saliva so much while typing this post . hahaha .

the two ladies who need to be blame my heavy craving ! :D

the best price for red velvet cupcakes and cake :

delicious : rm6.90 for one large cupcake
wondermilk : rm3.80 for one mini cupcake
random blog for cupcakes , you have to purchase more than 16 pieces for rm45 to rm70
random blog for cake is between rm70 to rm120

the only red velvet i've tasted is ice cream from baskin robbin's . simply delicious & light . but the promotion for that flavours doesn't last long . fortunately , yaya & me had it for 3 days in a row before the sudden disappearance .

besides craving for red velvet cupcakes , haha , i deadly wanted to try pavlova , sort of meringue . looks very delicious and healthy to eat at the same time since it combines with fresh fruits . woo hoo :D my very first time hear about pavlova was when i watched Masterchef Australia on 711 star world channel too . hehe . yeah , u can assume that it is one of my favourite channel at home :)

the brilliant judges .

heavy pavlova with lotsa lotsa lotsa berries :D

i can't get enough with one

or two ! i need moree :D

for pavlova , i don't really know what is the normal price for one . but from random blogs , it is about rm35 for a whole .

okay , that's all for today . hope you guys feel full now , hahaha .

p/s one : i wish i live in kl where i can found delicious foods easily
p/s two : today is my first day of puasa bulan rejab . hehe . selamat berbuka to me & him ;) i really hope i can still puasa for 6 more days . insya Allah , amin .
p/s three : harap2 tak batal puasa layan gambar makanan for 3 hours . hehe .