Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm stuck

some say patience is the best way to handle this kind of situation . others might think rebel or telling right on their face is the most suitable way to deal with people who doesn't acknowledge our existence . i know , you wont be able to understand this . but i need to express this somehow . after some several issues before , i really don't want us to turn our back on each other . but this few years , i've been really tolerate i think . i just want some privacy . i really need it especially during this time . sometimes , when i'm not in the mood , you just make things worse . i don't know what you try to portray here , but i certainly unlike that attitude . & everytime i have problems and need to turn to someone . i don't have you . i don't know , things are different i guess . i wanted to tell you , but i know , i won't be able to get feedbacks like the way i imagined before . i don't blame you for everything . that's why i don't want to confront you & make things far even worse . things i might say to you , might also come through your mind that i did the same in any way . i just hope that we can respect each other & things will get better .