Saturday, May 28, 2011

forever twenty one

hello & salam . been in UTP a week already now . nothing much going on because it was just our first week of studies . but , something really big happened to me last thursday . guess what ? i got myself a surprise party from my sweethearts . actually not that surprise , because somehow , there's a flaw . a tiny little flaw . hehe . overall , i am so surprised with all the preparation & stuff . how can i ever thank you girls . hugss :)

i shouldn't be talking a lot here . i'm pretty sure you guys can't wait to see all the pictures aite ?

my favourite picture of all . i love you girls so much :)

i love this so much . feels so bonded together :')

the famous picture in my fb . hahaha

us :)

ieda sayang . they said , she's the mastermind for the celebration . but still , thanks to the others as well , for joint-venture . hehe :D

one of the present , which i immediately wore that night . hehehe .

my birthday cake . see the macaron ? terharu okay dapat makan . tahu2 je dieorg ni I'm craving for it :')

we're on the beach . haha .

the ballet theme

last but not least ,

the very happy "belated birthday" girl :)