Thursday, April 7, 2011

sunshine and rainbows

FINALLY ! geram betul rasa dgn internet utp ni . dah lama rasa nak hupdate , but asyk loading lah , proxy problem lah . sampai rasa , nak swimming je . tiba-tiba .

people ! hello :D haha . how are you ? i miss blogging so much . padahal baru bape hari . hehe . just a short update , nothing particular to talk on . i'm here just to let u guys know that i am still alive ;)

last weekend kan i balik kuantan . because my mom pg vietnam for a week hari tu . she said that org vietnam ni not that friendly . & 1 most important thing is that , if you people had a chance to go there , you will suffer from language barrier . they can't speak english , at all . ye lah , orang kat pasar gitu kan . what do you expect ? but the worse thing is that , the run off when foreigners wanted to buy their goods . adeh . susah jugak macam tu kn ? i think they are really afraid that they can't communicate with us . luckily , i don't have any intention to go there . haha .

my mom bought some things for everyone . thank you mommy :) i got myself a pair of baju kurung (a very beautiful one . nak pakai time grad . haha) , a bag & also a tee from vietnam. hehe . my mom cakap , tak taw nk shop apa kat sana . first time i dengar my mom ckp mcm tu :p

during the weekend , we got to spend quality times together . i'm feeling more than blessed to be with my own family . oh btw , i change to another product slash medication . my mom bawak i pg klinik kat kuantan on saturday morning , yang specialize in skin care lah . i have to take medications, use some products , no more toner and stuff . for now , i only have to wear baby powder . comel kn ? haha . and lastly , i need to stop eating chocolates & sweet things . dang ! but , i promised my mom that i'll look after myself seriously this time . pity my mom :'( dah besar macam ni pun , asyk nk susah kan mommy . huhu .

other than that , ktorg jalan2 at mall . && i dapat a new wedges :D hehe . love it ! thanks again mommy . haha . semua pun mommy kn ? my dad kurang sket shopping-mopping ni . so , kte tinggal je kat rumah :p