Thursday, February 3, 2011

see right through me

hello and salam. second post for today. this entry is regarding my life, in short my personal :)

full name ;

Ezza Shazana Binti Mohd. Shabarudin

birthday ;

20th May 1990

current age ;

twenty going twenty-one

siblings ;

5 (3 girls, and a pair of twin brother. i'm the second one)

the father ;

Mohd. Shabarudin Bin Abdul Hamid

the mother ;

Rohkizah Binti Sargono

blood ;

o kot.

generation ;

Javanese mixed Malay

education ;

Methodist Girl Primary School
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Kuantan
Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kuantan
Universiti Teknologi Petronas Perak.

course ;

petroleum engineering

old ambition ;

doctor. since i got a 3b in biology, kena buat dekat uitm je. so, tak jadi. haha.

ambition ;

insya Allah, a successful engineer in petroleum, a good daughter and a great ummah.

hobby ;

i can play guitar, whenever i want. can i tend to forget the chords and stuff easily. darn!
i love to eat. which lead me to fatness disease.
i love to write. going to write a book soon. haha.
i love to swim. i can swim all day long.
i like to travel and shop. alotttttttt.
on top of all, i love money $_$

status ;

taken. thank you for having me :)

favorite foods ;

salad bar at pizza hut, western food, steamboat at johnnys, ice creams and all sort of chocolates. yummyhhh!

favorite drinks ;

sky juice. jimat!

favorite quote ;

The only true gift is a portion of yourself.

long term wishlist ;

1) to go umrah and haji with the family
2) to go overseas with the whole family. gold coast sounds amazingggg.
3) to have lots of money. amin amin!
4) to have my own car and house. (honda or mitsubishi. dah tua sikit, pakai bmw. cewahhh!)
5) to be married to someone who can love me forever.
6) to have the perfect job and life. (ceo carigali ke one day. hehe)
7) to be surrounded by good people. the one who never take me for granted.
8) to stay close to the family, like what we have now :')
9) to have a moderate and happy life. amin amin.
10) always a good and better person.

current wishlist ;

1) to go bandung! this coming september :D *with my own money*
2) to go sabah! this coming june. harap-harap dapat pergi. huuu.
3) to buy a new purse :)
4) to buy lots of casing for my bb. every colour kalau boleh!
5) to start saving money. hihi.
6) to buy a new sunglasses. a perfect one :)
7) to pusing pusing perak!
8) to go shopping without limit.
9) to buy a new pair of rm200+ jeans. haha.
10) to love and to be loved :)