Thursday, February 3, 2011

one hundred

welcome to the hundredth post of mine :)
hello and salam.

location : room in utp.
special date : it's on chinese new year holiday.
doing : nothing :)

supposedly, utp gave us 4 days of holiday. but unfortunately, i was so malas to go back home. why? because of the jam, finding the last ticket moment, the long journey. it will only left me, 2 days at home and 2 days on road. so, i think i have made quite a good decision. hehe.

what to do? where to go? i know, people will ask me sort of questions. but, know what, i'm enjoying me holidays here in utp very well. haha. on the wednesday eve, i managed to finish all the secret garden episodes. for me, it was a great series :) swimming for hours, was the most satisfying moment. u see, i ni suka gila swimming. apa dia? suka gila swimming. whenever i go to swim whether its pool or waterfall, i am the last one to leave the water area. swimming makes me happy somehow :)

on thursday, right after solat zhor, me, ida and 2 new friends that we make from the pool the day before went to ipoh. gila kentang shopping >.< penat kotttt. dah lah i pakai wedges, haha. kesian ida, i asyk asking to change the footwear :p thanks ida sayang kerana memahami saya. hihi.

yesterday, nadia came by my room. she asked me, bila eza nak buat blog cantik2 mcm ni *sambil tangan tunjuk kat blog yang cantik*. hmm, soon maybe :) sebab malas masih menguasai diri. ngahaha.

okay, thats all for now. have a good day ahead :)
p/s : i miss my family.