Saturday, February 5, 2011

memory lane

hello and salam :)
hope you guys are in the pink of health. Amin.

so, this morning, i woke up for subuh as usual. but the unusual thing is that, i tak tido balik. ahaha. because the night before, s and myself planned to go to memory lane at Ipoh. apa kejadahnya memory lane ni? memory lane Ipoh is macam morning market, but, it was plussss+++ so many antiques and vintage stuff. super awesome :D

this is my first time after several years of studying here. duh! memory lane is set up around 8 something. if you tak nak jalan tengah2 panas, make sure you guys gerak awal ye :) i gerak tadi at 7.30, and managed to arrive at 8.15 :) susah sket nak crik parking free. hehe.

let the pictures do the talking ;

second-hand mini compo :)

random old stuff :)

used remote control :)

that vintage camera will only costs you rm25 -.-

this picture is specially goes to my daddy :D
*abah, harga dia rm500. hehe

i paling suka this one :D
*but quite expensive tww. around rm150 to rm280

S with a binoculars :)
*around rm55

an old frame with unknown price :)

cigarettes box zaman dulu :D
*my atuk used to have yang dunhill tu. hehe

more cars collection!

and i bought this for mommy! hehe.

after jalan berpeluh-peluh kat memory lane, we went to nasi vanggey restaurant. S kata nasi ganja a.k.a nasi vanggey kat sana sedap yang amat. haha. so, i guess this is the time untuk i rasa :) one word, sedap! klau datang Ipoh, sila lah singgah dia sana ye? dekat Greentown area and harga dia pun very reasonable.

in the restaurant :)

S with his new cover for ipong :p

till then, good day!