Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hush, hush baby.

Hello and salam.
Slow updates from me. Its for the best :)
At least i have some time to spend with friends and dear one.

Nothing much going on so far. Hectic day on the weekdays which lead to free friday :)
last friday, me and bunch of friends went to waterfall in kampar area. it was a remote area and quite far from utp. but, wth, we need adventure! haha. or its only me? -.-'

no picture will be provided, tak manis gitu. haha. all the way back, i end up sleeping silently on the back seats. penat kot! asyik lompat2, swimming2, makan2 :p

it was a tosome for me. now, i rasa nak plan bbq plak. someday maybe ;)

saturday and sunday : i spend most of the time in the room. siap kan pcs punya slides and class discussion for well comp.

basically, that's how i spent my weekend :)

p/s: i'm going to cameron highlands with the family next weekend. can't wait! :')