Friday, February 25, 2011

hold it against me.

hello & salam people :)
it is 1.05 am. and i still not in bed.
not feeling sleepy i guess. dah lah esok nak pg cameron highlands.
my dad and his gang planned to go play golf kat sana.
so i said, why not i spend the weekend with the family.
dah siap packing pun, just wait for tomorrow.
kinda excited somehow. lama tak jalan-jalan. hehe.

ingt tak i cerita pasal pcs presentation? i dah present.
&& i guess i did pretty well. i hope i really did impressed the lecturer this time.
so, for the mean time. i am free from any presentation! yippie! :D
but, i still got test 1 for well completion this tuesday.
shitness betul -.-'

babes, i nak cerita something nie. i know, this is lame.
buttttt, bila fesco just around the corner,
i ada jugak rasa menyesal because turned down the only one opportunity.
but it was for the best knnnnn?
klau utp kalah sebab i, kesian dieorg yg penat practice. hehe.
i thought dancing 'was' my passion. but, it turns out that i just love to dance without rules.
i mean for fun.
i love to do things that can actually make me feel happy.
if i take one thing too serious, i tend to be very pressurize. sampai semua orang pun can feel the tension. ngehehehe.
okay, enough about that.
goodluck upag dancers. all the best :)

p/s :

Yes, we can pretend to be what ever we wish to be.
But, we can never pretend not to remenisce the past.
History will always be a part of us.
No matter how far you'll go.