Saturday, February 5, 2011

hello and salam people :)
how you guys been doing here and there?
me? still holiday. still having fun fun fun. hehe.

story line ;

last night

ieda, nadia and me off to bota for satay after marghrib. bota was famous for it, of course. you should come if you are satay lovers. so, kalau dah sedap tu, mesti lah kena tggu lama skit kn? sabar je lah. bila dapat, hamek nak, sorg makan 20 cucuk. haha. deliciousss i tell you!

then on the way balik utp, rasa macam tak nak balik lg. bosan kot asyik dduk utp. so, ktorg pun contact member habes-habesan. what to do at night kat utp ni. haha. then, ada lah suggestion for karok lah, go cart lah, bowling lah, snooker lah. last2, we went to ipoh to watch the green hornet. hihi. for me, the story line was a bit messed up and the actors seem to be a little awkward together. but, some parts were damn hilarious. overall, i think 3 stars is enough :)

ieda :)
nadia :)

me eating satay. mind my manners :p

seriously macam ada kebakaran kat belakang i. haha.

the three of us :)

this morning

me and s haven't got the opportunity to spend time together lagi this chinese new year holidays. so, we planned to go to teluk intan. i tak taw on the way to teluk intan ada sawah padi yang gila awesomeeeeee! managed to take several pictures there, walaupun kena honked banyak kali. sabar je lah nyah -.- sampai kat teluk intan, terus nampak menara condong! cantik :D parked the car, terus msuk menara condong. very nice the building and structure of it. you guys should go to see it. one of the wonders in malaysia, i guess. hehe. makan2 abit and terus balik. honestly, nothing much to do there besides tengok menara condong. but, okay lah. dapat jalan - jalan pusing perak :)

sawah padi pose from S :p

lalang tepi sawah padi :)

itu lah menara condong ye kawan-kawan.

S is for shahrul :)


good day people!