Saturday, February 5, 2011

express feeling through quotes.

hello and salam :)
this is the second post of the day. hehe.

regarding the title of the post, i do agree that feelings can be expressed through quotes. to show how we were in love, mad, crazy, upset and happy. quotes somehow will not hurts others feeling literally but give them some idea on how the other people thought about themselves. so for that purpose and reason, i create another blog, where you guys can contribute quotes. i didn't do it for fames or benefits for myself. but, i want to share with people the same idea of it.

to encourage people to write or create good quotes, i even conducting a contest to give away prize to people who contribute more interesting quotes.

feel free to visit the blog and use the quotations. but, i'm hoping you guys will give credits to the real writer who is very thoughtful for the quotes.

good day mate!