Tuesday, February 1, 2011


salam and hello people. may you be bless by Allah :)

i am not a perfect person, neither a good one. but, one thing for sure, i am trying to be better. so, this entry actually goes to my dear beloved since 13 years young friend. Hidayatul Nur Aqilah Binti Mat Ali :)

frankly, i forgot your birthday. tetttt *a very bad friend*
frankly, i just realize it today. tetttt *i'm sorry*
frankly, i miss & love you!

i'm sorry dear, for not wishing you on your great day of being 21 years young :(
please don't be mad at me :(
& i hope you forgive me for the very late wish :(

happy belated birthday atul sayang.
may Allah bless you always,
and you'll gain happiness every single day of life :)
i love you, and forever will do.