Monday, January 17, 2011

smile, don't cry

hello and salam peeps :)

how was today? for me, it was really tough in the morning. somehow, i don't feel at ease everyday at home nowadays. i don't know why. really. but i will keep things up as usually. for short, i'm not myself this few days. luckily i got someone to share when i need to cry over something. thanks dear for your time :)

by the afternoon, everything went all fine. alhamdulillah :) You keep me strong Ya Allah.

i want to share something with you guys/girls today. know what, i bought 5 pieces of cotton shawl the other day at ecm. but, it was worth buying. starting this new semester, i will wearing this shawl everyday! yippiee! because its easy to maintain and kinda light. most of all, i don't have to iron them. ngahaha :p

these are some ways to put it on,

fat fat fat -.-

oh by the way, i didn't share something with you guys. my results for the last semester. Alhamdulillah, i did pretty well. but i know i can do much better next time. DL atas pagar je. bad me :'(