Thursday, March 4, 2010

  • test RRFP (5/3) (8pm-9.30pm)-MH
  • lab test ITPG (8/3) (8am-10am)-14-00-04
  • test sp (8/3) (8.30pm-10.30pm)-MH
  • test vector (9/3) (5pm-6pm)-MH
  • report ITPG (due 8/3)
  • assignment RRFP (due 11/3)
i stole them from afif & dila's gtalk. haha. i mne la minat nk ingt sme bnde ni. tw tarikh sudaa :p
i am not a person, who write things properly & organize in work.
but! there is a but!
i did well as long as my brain still can interprete & remember those things. haha.
klaw tgk my meeting book,
nobody will understand them more than myself. i tulis sket je, but talk alot time meeting.
hate myself for making the meeting leggings :p

today, i rse sgt busy. why? sebab studies & commitment of course. both are equally important. somehow, i rse my armpit panas. am i going to have fever soon? :p wahaha.

missing home badly. wish i have a pair of wings.
sorry people. i am totally out of service today. cracking & screw loosing everywhere!

great. good night.

ezza shabarudin.