Tuesday, March 2, 2010


this is the purrr fect time :)

to crap! HAHAHA.

i dont have anything in my mind for now. but i realy feels like typing. i wish i was darn busy, so that i wont have time to blog. i dont really know, how you guys felt about my blog. bosan ke? yelaa, suka merepek kn. but, i'm loving it.

things to share:

the good news: i've lost 3 kg! it takes me three weeks. HAHA

the bad news: i'm hungry. treat me anyone?

i was actually busy. actually la kn. but, i dont find time to make myself stress out unless the dateline is coming near. do you feel the same way too? i thk that is very fine. you dont have to thk hard while u can have good rest for many days before your brain come cramp on the critical day. HAHA. totally ajaran sesat.

p/s: i'm loving the formspring! sapa2 yg ad formspring, please tell me. i nk kacau :p

a little gift:

Miss Ezza Shazana.