Wednesday, March 10, 2010

buzzing up.

hello people.

watcha been doing? reading my blog? ohh, thank youuu. HAHA. agak poyo di situ :p

well. studies & tests going well.
dh dpt result for thermo test 1.
21/30. alhmdulillah :)
supposely, i got another 3 marks, but for extra answers, my lecturer tuu agak tidak consider sket.
at first, geram la jgk tw.
but, after nono giving me another lecture, i pun redha je la.
yg lepas, lepas! got that? yesss, got it.

SP test, rse mcm bley bwt. but takk taw la results nnt mcm mne :p
one thing for sure.
i cried over vector paper.
1st of all, tak sempat study abes.
2nd, tak sempat jwb semua time test.
i screwed up my vector people T_________T
a new lesson: please, please, please, baca abes2 bru main kat luar. baekk mak! *makin merepek. maaf*

before i go into craps, i end my entry today with a pantun:

dua tiga kucing berlari,
cuma tinggal tiga hari :D