Friday, March 5, 2010

another post, another story.


how are you guys been doing so far in 2010? mine was great but a bit hectic. after all, i do enjoy all of them. heh. nothing much to tell actually.

honestly, i am not really in a good mood. i cry alot these days. stressful maybe. but, some how, this time. crying doesnt solve my everything.

maybe you'll be wondering. what am i crapping about.

& yeahh. i'll keep you wondering.

is my problem solve? no.

what should i do then? cry some more?

i am really in a mood of going out. meaning like shopping & stuff. really. being here, with works & tests & studies thingy, *sigh*. i just want to go back home.

or, you. please take me out from here. pleaseeeeee :(