Saturday, March 6, 2010

10 things

these are the 10 things men wish women knew about them.

i came across an article regarding this issue, not that i search for it tww! :p

1. Even Men Like Compliments Every Once in a While

2. We Are Brutally Honest Because We Care

3. You Should Appreciate Our Reliability

4. Love Means Never Having to Be Attached at the Hip5. We Respect You as Females and Love What Makes You Women

6. Be the Boss in the Bedroom (later maybe :p)

7. Our First Commitment Is to Ourselves

8. For Us, Seeing Is Believing

9. We May Lose Small Battles, but Always Remember the Wars We’ve Won

10. Fathers Are Just as Important as Mothers

for me, loving is to believe in oneself & the one you care.

spread the love people,