Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hello dearest :)

finally, classes have ended for today.
seriously, lapar sgt time class.
td otw balek, tapaw mknn, makan & solat.
now, dpt la i dduk menghadap lappy.
so much to blogging, too little idea to tell.

wednesday is totally SP day.
SP actually stands for structured programming.
the lecturer was fine, but the SP thingy is really not my thing u see.
i can expect less than a B for this subject. like seriously.
td, got lab. UNFORTUNATELY, my GA is an indonesian who cannot explain well in english.
i REALLY do hope she can explain in bahasa.
i already know, for this subject is my killer subject of all.
so, i kinda focus tww.
but everything going wrong, when i cant barely understand her points.
gosh, is c++ is meant for me?

drop about that. just hoping, i will have more time to concentrate on doing the exercises.
btw, crdts to pikapongpong :)
she creates a programme for me! how sweet you dear!
nnt when i already master in this SP, i'll sure make you a programme too.

i am now alone in this room.
since my roomate got works to do.
i pity her because she is also as hungry as i am before.
makin kurus la mak cik itu T_________T

jokes for today, not really a joke larh tapi :p
last night slept with my roomate on one bed. awwww!
i was thinking about ghost at that very time.
luckily, she doesnt sleep yet.
thanks ieda sayang sebab sanggup sempit2 with me. hehe :))

things are getting better.
thank you for your understanding.

enjoy your day people!