Thursday, February 25, 2010

no more sound, only echos from the past.

hello people.
i know. i am a slow author now.
but it better this way right?
update selalu pun, no point of talking craps.

current mood: undecided & clueless.

  • test thermo? alhamdulillah. i think i've done pretty well. insya Allah. all i know, i dh usaha & tawakal is the best way.
  • i think i in need to correct my body posture. like seriously.
  • studies going well, but the schedule is very cruel. i almost fainted. 8 to 10 hours at building academic. wth?
  • so much work to be settle down. roadshow dateline is getting near. so many things to do.
  • the most thing that i happy about now is, my girlfriends. they suddenly be like very rock & easy talking. i am at ease when with them, & i know, i can rely on them when i in need of helps.
  • family? great. i think i want to get abah a new handphone. the only matter now is only money of course :p
  • izni and yah. they are going to UK anytime soon. need to fix a date of a final meeting! i miss those girls.
  • relationships? shusshh. u, readers dont need to know larh :p