Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mind me?

teaser! :D

sorry people for the slow updates. i'm dying to tell you people on whats going on. TEHEEE!

okay, okay. where to start?
bismillahhirahmannirrahim :)

basically, on 12th of february i went back home in kuantan. depart on 12 am, reached home by 8 something am. darn tired larh on the bus. but, i wanted to go back home. serve u right ezza! :p
sampai2 je, trus tido until 2. great! bgn2, ibu dh siap msk, lauk ketam gulai. aiyoyoyo, sedap glerh. tgk, tgk, mcm mne sy takk gemuk? hehehe.

on the evening, bwk adik2 keluar pg pantai with him along. we had so much fun with kites, the sands, & the ketam also. kurus la sket dpt lari2. ngee. on the night plak, pg mkn steamboat at abah's friend restaurant. absolutely delicious & worthful! each adult has to pay for rm20 while kids with rm12 for the unlimited time of eating. the owner of the place ckp, at least two hours la weyh for makan2 sje. all types of seafoods were there, u name it! :)
surprisingly, after eating like 6 mangkuk of steamboat, i finally went to ice cream section. guess what i saw? my favourite ice cream flavor was there! of course la papermint chocolate chips! ;)
i ate for 3 cups. each cup with 4 spoonful ice cream. heaven heaven. i end up sleeping well that night! :)
thanks to my beloved parents!

the next day, cannot wake up late la. because my fmly & i will be heading to temerloh. smpi kat temerloh only i heaven heaven sleep again. HAHA. the best part at kampung is that we can borak2 till everybody diam. okay? got it? haha.
oh, another one is, ikan patin masak tempoyak! :)
takk tipu punya. if u go along the highway kl-kuantan, do singgah at the RNR temerloh & search for a kedai name " temerloh katering ". sumpah sedap :D
i drove all the way back to kuantan.

the last day at home.
woke up late.
kemas2 rumah abit.
lepak2 kat bilek ibu watching E! channel.
pastu tgk kungfu panda & madagascar.
till abah said, "kluar, kluar!"
pastu plan la on what to do.
ingt kn nk tgk wayang with yaya, but mcm mls plak.
so, bwk la adik2 to pantai again.
amir, mirul, yaya, me & him.
back in taman gelora's beach..
nothing more that we can express other than, syok sgt! :)

yaya has been a really good younger sister la now.
& i'm proud of her.

i miss everyone at home. seriously.

photos :)

ezza shazana :)