Saturday, February 6, 2010

how does she knows, u love her :)

for me la kn:

  • he will starts everything first.
  • he will finds your hp number.
  • he will try to search everywhere for you.
  • he will do anything to get you.
  • he will message you.
  • & if you tak layan, he wont give up.
  • he will always find ways to get to you example; crik gmail or ym.
  • he always shaking when go out with you
  • he cannot eat well. malu malu je.
  • he doesnt stingy at all.
  • he will always remember you whenever he went somewhere.
  • he will never care about money & time he spent for you.
  • he needs to lie a bit to make him look perfect.
  • he wants to be your best.
  • he doesnt shy to tell anyone about you. lelaki kn ego ;p
  • he will try hard to understand you
  • & lastly, he'll hint you anytime soon!
  • that is when, you should know. he wants & loves you :)
clever cupid,

p/s: girls should never start the first move! okay?