Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hey you.

this is another bodo-bodo post.
need to write something.
see, told u. i should make this blog private.
the thing is that, i love to merepek.
is it normal?
u guys yg blog pn feel the same takk?

u want to know a secret about me?

okay la, i share satuu.
i hate horror movie.
i will jumping & screaming like u can never imagine.
especially when the ghost comes out.
itu lagi larh.
they understand me well.
yesterday, i watched a movie with ieda, my romate.
entitled "ghost of the past girlfriend"
sumpah bosan except when the not-really-scary-ghost comes out but i scream like hell.
did i mention i hate horror movie?
oh yes.
but i still watching them
hebat hebat :p

me :)