Thursday, February 4, 2010


wondering why i didnt place any follower space on my blog?

because i was scared & of course la malu if x ramai yg follow :p
thats why i decided not to put it up.
tengok others blog, fuhh, bykk je. they must be famous, me thought.
mine plak, merepek je slalu. dh slalu update.
knp la sy suka sgt mengarang nie?
but thanks to two persons who manage to be my follower! :D HAHA

ohh, lupa lupa. ada assignment baru kne bwt. an ESSAY :)
600 words babyy.
everybody please say, "goodluck ezza!"

btw, i'm going on a trip by YEC to hat yai with my lil sis, yaya :)
wani pn ade!
but then kn, i feel so much guilty towards my sayang T______T
the time for goin on the trip clashes with our date of anny.
i know, i know.
how could you ezza.

i wanted to go to hat yai,
at the same time i want to spend time with him
why on earth la u x ajk die skali kn?
dh ajk, but he refuses to go. merajuk ke sayang?

today bgun lmbat sket. after sbuh, calling him up awhile. & then bump again to bed.
till 12.30 :p
tuu pn die yg kejut. kacau btul. haha

esk i got a thing to do.
carwash baby! :D
under an event called as MAKKXI,
we had organized a car wash session. warga UTP, you are invited to join us!
please do come, please!

car bley, motocycle bley & bicycle pn bley :p
jgn lupa maii tww.
i'll be ur sexyy washer. HAHA. kidding!

ok la, crapping enough for this entry.

p/s: i love you.